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ARA Partnership

The ARA and Advantage partnership is intended to improve the efficiency and affordability of ARA members in finding and retrieving collateral from finance companies. In 2019, ARA launched the “Unity Initiative” in collaboration with Time Finance Adjusters, a national recovery trade association. Since then, they have been further strengthening their ties with other major trade associations, such as the National Automotive Finance Association, American Financial Services Association, National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions, National Independent Automobile Dealers Association, state and regional trades associations, and technology providers like Advantage GPS.

We have worked together strategically to create high-quality dealer education that increases awareness of the current market state and the recovery industry. Our team has spoken at various independent automotive dealer associations across the country and has taken the national stage to emphasize to dealers the importance of working with certified recovery experts.

Advantage has incorporated ARA’s database of recovery specialists into its platform, allowing dealers to easily access ARA’s members, get quotes, and assign recovery tasks. As we continue to expand our reach across the country, we do so in partnership with ARA.

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Risk Dashboard

The Advantage interactive dashboard allows you to connect your customers to the Pulse connected car app. You will still have access to monitor vehicle throughout the term of the loan.

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Wired & Wireless GPS

Our lines of wired and wireless devices give finance professionals hardware options to address their specific needs and control costs and cashflow, especially during a period of economic challenges.

Mobile App

The Advantage Mobile App is your connection to your collateral. With a few taps, you can easily track, find, and secure your high-valued assets while you’re on the go.