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Interactive Automotive Analytics Dashboard

Advantage Automotive Analytics’ interactive dashboard supplies you with a comprehensive overview of your automotive finance portfolio’s overall health, as well as the ability to detect and then manage profit-challenging exceptions at a granular level. This is accomplished through data collection from the industry’s most-sophisticated wired and wireless GPS devices that interact with a robust software platform that employs real-time data analysis backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Intelligent Dashboard - Mitigation Risks - Advantage GPS

AI assists in categorizing then prioritizing data including categories such:

  • GPS device health
  • Vehicle location and health
  • Recovery options
  • Geo-fence violation notifications and
  • Much more

Multiple users can access the platform with varying levels of authorization to access personal information and important data. Users can access the interactive dashboard via both desktop and a mobile app, providing the ultimate tool to stay connected to your portfolio health from anywhere. The advantage system — All Access — tool also allows users to interact with all devices used within a finance portfolio regardless of brand, saving time, effort, and money.

Advantage Helps You:

  • Identify Risks Quickly
  • Drill Down for Details
  • And, Act Fast!

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