Evo GPS - industry standard in GPS tracking | Advantage GPS


Evo GPS makes asset protection easy. For years, Evo GPS has been the backbone of risk mitigation for thousands of auto finance professionals nationwide. It’s not surprising that Evo has become the No. 1 tracker given its performance and reliability. Evo GPS takes billions of data points and streamlines the information that matters most, in real time.

Evo GPS is designed with the most advanced technology:

  • Powerful Automotive Analytics
  • Interactive, Drilldown Dashboard
  • Internal Backup Battery Included
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Bundled Service Plans
  • Enterprise Carrier Grade Data Security

Advantage Evo GPS devices employ the latest and most-sophisticated automotive IoT technology. Built on the 4G LTE Cat-M technology platform that is 5G Network compliant guarantees years of use without fear of obsolescence.



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