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A Sophisticated Hardware, Powerful Analytics

Recent economic events have made it abundantly clear — automotive finance risk mitigation using advanced GPS tracking and sophisticated AI-powered analytics is essential to maintain a profitable portfolio and assist with future funding decisions.

Our lines of wired Evo GPS devices and our family of fully-wireless, battery-powered Revo GPS devices give finance professionals options to address their specific needs and control costs and cashflow, especially during a period of economic challenges. Evo GPS is a value-laden option that utilizes the most advanced GPS technology able to gather vital vehicle information including the VIN. The wireless Revo GPS family of products has battery life of up to 5,000 events, requires no installation costs, eliminates install failures, yet collects all the information necessary to manage and monitory your portfolio’s collateral. Designed and created by finance professionals our advanced hardware and powerful analytics protects your investment and helps you serve the overlooked underbanked consumer.

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