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How can we help?

Good news is we’re open for business. Many of us are working from home with our families and loved ones, and others are in our warehouse and a few in-office (socially-distanced) to provide you with products and services.

Our hours of service is 8:00 am eastern time to 6:00 pm pacific-standard time.

Here are a few tips for you to consider:

  • Communicating with your employees and customers to help them fully understand what you are doing to mitigate the risk of the COVID-19 at the dealership and in the vehicles. Think about creating a pamphlet detailing your efforts. Good communication builds trust, and trust is essential.
  • Being digitally visible to in-market shoppers with strong merchandising, giving consumers the details and vehicle photography to make confident decisions online.
  • Providing shopping tools that allow consumers to easily go deeper into the buying process from home, including quickly narrowing their search and determining their personalized payment plan.
  • Being available to home shoppers with the ability to walk them through the vehicle and the buying process remotely, whether over the phone, texting, or video chat.
  • Eliminate all barriers to selling a vehicle. Take a vehicle to the customer for a test drive. Put processes in place to close a deal at a customer’s residence.
  • In the weeks and months to come as our economy comes back online, the reality is that many people will have fallen on hard times, others will be still be in good shape financially, but wary. Maintain cleaning standards at a high level and continue to practice social distancing for the foreseeable future. Become adept at digital marketing and providing a high-level of customer service. Continue to monitor your customers closely.

 Advantage offers many valuable solutions that can help you reduce your costs including options such as:

  • Self-powered, wireless Revo GPS – eliminating installation fees
  • Pay as you go revo one
  • Various service plans to fit your risk needs
  • Innovative risks mitigation features to protect your bottom line
  • Powerful predictive analytics tools
  • Passionate team of car lovers ready to help support your needs

Call us at 1-800-553-7031 or provide your information in the form above.


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