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Not the New Kids


Not the New Kids on the Block

If the name Advantage GPS doesn’t exactly sound familiar, that’s ok. You’ll get to know us in time and hopefully sooner, rather than later if you want the upper hand when it comes to managing a high-risk auto loan portfolio. What you might be hearing, however, is that we’re just an upstart GPS outfit that will be out of business in a year. And that’s a myth we’d like to debunk right here and right now.

There’s No “I” in Our Team
The fact of the matter is that Advantage GPS was designed and developed by the original pioneers of automotive telematics. Our CEO, Brian Boling, along with CTO, Bill Cheney, patented automotive GPS and IoT technologies before either one became industry buzzwords. Their Intelligent Services Platform company, Connected Holdings, successfully incubated the connected car solutions that became the foundation for Advantage’s parent company, Procon Analytics.

You might also recognize several other names on our team which includes key GPS technology, marketing, sales and operation executives who have been in the industry for a long time. Together, this dream team is back together revolutionizing GPS and automotive IoT technology and data mining innovations. Their goal is to arm Buy Here Pay Here Dealers and Vehicle Finance Companies with a real-time risk assessment tool that enables them to finance more high-risk consumers confidently and strengthen their bottom line.

Leadership Team behind Advantage GPSHere’s what Boling had to say about reuniting his team, “Few people get a do-over in life. David Meyer, Bill Cheney, and our whole team have the incredible opportunity to take all that we learned in our past experience in this space and to add new features and processes to this powerful new platform. When you start with a new company, it’s like having a clean sheet of paper where you can truly rethink how these technology solutions can better serve our customers. The Advantage GPS solution is the perfect addition to our connected car portfolio. Our new customers are going to love this platform!”

The Tabula Rasa Advantage
So, what happens when you bring automotive GPS pioneers and all-stars together to build a completely new platform? We take our combined decades of experience, add in the feedback we’ve been given by all of auto finance customers over the years, plus a healthy dash of future-focused innovation to deliver the most advanced GPS technology and data mining solutions on the planet.

By starting with a clean slate, we’re not encumbered by legacy systems or distracted by a need to catch up with the latest advances such as 4G LTE. Because we’ve seen how it affects customers, we’ve built a scalable, adaptable and agile software and hardware platform that will never be hindered by evolving technology. The result of our efforts is Advantage GPS, the first of its kind to offer real-time data, automatic analytics and the ability to keep your finger on the pulse of every asset.

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