Tia Fries, Director of Customer Accounts | Advantage GPS
Tia Fries - Director of Sales Enablement - Advantage GPS


Director, Sales Enablement

Director, Sales Enablement, Tia Fries, brings close to a decade of customer account management experience to her position at Advantage GPS. Utilizing her strong organizational and multitasking skills, Fries effectively manages online client training, project management, customer service site development, sales and product volume tracking, order fulfillment, and GPS tracking device programming and testing. Additionally, Fries’ strong people-focused approach enables her to excel at building trusted, collaborative, long-term client relationships.

Prior to joining the Advantage team, Fries managed vehicle finance customer accounts for Spireon, Inc. where she was instrumental in developing protocols and setting customer service standards for one of the industry’s strongest customer account management departments. Building on her responsive, personalized and knowledgeable approach to client service, Fries created and managed a successful nationwide network of loyal, satisfied vehicle finance customers.

Fries consistently strives to provide accurate answers and creative solutions to complex challenges. “I don’t know” and “can’t do” are simply not in her vocabulary. It is this attitude and her exceptional skill set that makes her such a valuable asset to Advantage GPS customers as well her in-house team members.

At Advantage, Fries is responsible for overseeing customers’ best interests as well as the bottom line.

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