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More Powerful, Smarter, Stronger — Revo 3.0 is the Superman of GPS

With powers and abilities far beyond normal GPS, the all-new Revo 3.0 GPS is an unmatched advancement in smart battery technology. Communicating with satellites up in the sky, Revo 3.0 is more powerful, more intelligent, and more robust and beats the competition by leaps and bounds. Yep, it’s the Superman of GPS devices.

This third generation of battery-powered Revo GPS devices is now designed with a water-resistant, slimmer, sleeker, automotive-grade hardware unit. The Revo 3.0 battery technology makes the device smarter, longer lasting, and according to a “Daily Planet” headline, tops a lengthy list of improvements.

Our customers wanted a sleeker, more powerful, and tougher device to meet their needs better. So, we designed a more compact, elegant, ruggedized dust and water-resistant IP67 product. It’ll withstand dust, dirt, damp conditions, and perhaps even Kryptonite!

The battery technology is bolstered by unparalleled analytic intelligence that assists finance professionals with the data they need to make more-informed underwriting and collections decisions — avoiding the Kryptonite of repossessions. Backed by Advantage’s “events” guarantee the longer-lasting smart battery ensures the device is trackable when customers need it most.

Advantage has also made the activation process easier and faster than ever. Faster than, you guessed it, a speeding bullet!

To learn more about our third generation, self-powered GPS devices, call us today!

Michelle Jackson - Vice President of Sales - Advantage GPS

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