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FeaturesAdvantage GPSAdvantage PlusAdvantage Enterprise
Quick Risk Assessment - Artificial Intelligence powered Dashboard
Device Health (Verified Connected, Disconnects, Install Issues)
Last Reported History
Real-time Locates - all the time (by time and day)
Predictive Location (Top Stops)
Inventory Management
Unlimited Users
Device Groups
2-minute breadcrumbs
STIP Verification
GeoFence Violations
Recovery Workflow (On Repo, Starter Disabled)
Smart Impound Lot Detector
Abandon Vehicle Warnings
All Access
Mileage Analytics
Smart Search
Streamlined Device Transfers
DMS Integration
Single Login to view multiple lender accounts
Recourse Process
API Access for Custom Integration
Customized Experience & Data



Canned & Custom ReportingAdvantage GPSAdvantage PlusAdvantage Enterprise
Exceptions Summary
Detailed History Report
Geofence Violations
Non-reporting Vehicles
Vehicle Information
Custom Reporting