Advantage GPS has invested significant resources in taking risk mitigation to the next level. The Advantage platform is hosted on a private cloud environment, incorporating the latest technology and connectivity. Whereas others use public cloud environments that battle for priority, the Advantage solution is hosted on a private cloud that supports only our customers and applications with no interference from other users.

Real-Time Advantage

We provide customers with a dedicated, highly secure environment to ensure they receive high availability and faster delivery of service. If unforeseen issues affect an entire data center, one of our other geographically remote centers takes over to continue seamless service availability. Bottom line: with Advantage, you’ll always have access to the real-time data you need, when you need it.

Security Advantage

With increasingly stringent privacy rules and regulations being enforced across industries, you’re under increasing pressure to protect employee and customer data as well. Our network uses leading-edge security to protect the data that travels between us and our customers. If you want to learn more about our approach to data security, visit our Data Protection FAQs.

Your Data is Secure - Advantage GPS

Futureproof Advantage

Built on scalable code, our platform allows us to add features and functionality as needed with plug-n-play ease. And wait until you see our roadmap!

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