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Advanced GPS Technology

Early on in 2017, Advantage fully adopted and integrated 4G-LTE technology into its ecosystem. This enabled the company to overcome very complex technological hurdles that resulted in a steep but highly beneficial learning curve. Today, we collect over 900+ million data points every day through our automotive telematics. Over the past couple of years, we’ve rolled out numerous innovations including the industry’s first self-powered, wireless GPS device, enhancements to SVR and vehicle location, VIN Verify, collection of data from OBD and more. Our team has been on the vanguard of developing and bringing to market the industry’s most sophisticated telematics and automotive analytics.

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Aftermarket Telematics Portfolio

Our hardware portfolio includes — hardwired and self-powered, wireless devices — each provide live heartbeats of every vehicle in your portfolio and transmits location position and actionable intelligence. The device platforms are robust and offer a variety of product options giving our clients the choices they need and options to control costs.

Hardware Portfolio - Wired & Wireless - Advantage GPS

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Automotive Analytics

The Advantage Automotive Analytics risk-management platform constantly collects and analyzes more insights in real time daily. Once collected and analyzed the data becomes a powerful financing tool that drives a more profitable portfolio. Our analytics provide auto lenders information necessary to make the most cost-effective decisions in real time. They also generate forward-looking analytics that provides underwriters data to make future funding decisions.

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Data Security & Privacy

All your private data and customer information must be secure and protected. Being fully compliant with federal and state laws is essential and failure to do so, can result in expensive fines and/or lawsuits. Our network and system uses leading-edge security to protect the data that travels between us and our customers.

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Futureproof Advantage

Built on scalable code, our platform allows us to add features and functionality as needed with plug-n-play ease. And wait until you see our roadmap!

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