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ARA Seeks Financial Support for Industry Lobbying Efforts

The American Recovery Association (ARA) is diligently fighting to prevent language in proposed Congressional Phase 4 Stimulus Package legislation that would create a 5-7 month moratorium on, among other things, vehicle repossessions. They have created the Recovery Industry PAC Fund, engaged lobbyists, and started a grassroots movement to gain financial support to fund their efforts on behalf of the entire automotive finance industry.

The ARA is leading the fight to change national perceptions and increase representation of the Auto Recovery Industry at the legislative level. The association has assembled a coalition of key industry leaders who are currently raising money to support the funding of a lobbyist who will support the entire industry’s interests in Washington, through this crisis and beyond.

In addition to fighting the proposed moratorium, the Industry PAC Fund will also fight for the industry to receive compensation for ALL company expenses including the Paycheck Protection Plan.

ARA has taken a lead role change decades-old perceptions of the recovery industry and increase its representation at the national level — an effort we fully support.

This effort goes beyond the fight for businesses to stay afloat through this pandemic, said Les McCook, executive director of the ARA, it is about ensuring that the Financial Services Industry is represented and prepared for any state of emergency or national disaster that could come in the future.

ARA is committed to fighting for the viability of the entire industry, which encompasses fighting for families, communities and the vital role its member play in the health of the finance industry and the U.S. economy.

Among its missions, ARA is dedicated to changing the image of the industry in the eyes of the nation on behalf of its members. As small business owners and ARA members support a variety of other industries through our work — the retail automotive industry, the transportation industry, the remarketing industry, the lending industry and so much more.

ARA has asked the entire community of industry professionals to come together to fight for this cause noting, “There is strength in numbers, and we need everyone to make their voices heard.”

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