All Access. Any GPS Device, Any GPS Provider | Advantage GPS

Any GPS Device, Any GPS Provider, All in One Place

 With All Access, patented technology exclusively from Advantage, you can view and seamlessly connect to all of your GPS devices regardless of brand or provider.

Now you can retrieve, view and seamlessly manage every GPS device within our app, regardless of the brand or provider. If you want to escape from outdated technology, Advantage invites you to cut loose.

  • Avoid the hassle of switching systems and remembering passwords
  • Switch to scalable, future-proof tech from the pioneers of GPS tracking
  • Experience greater flexibility, convenience and control over devices
  • Tap into our AI-infused, risk mitigation dashboard and 4G LTE platform

Using All Access is effortless. Users simply click on “All Access” within the Advantage dashboard to view detailed vehicle information on devices from third-party providers. When a specific vehicle is clicked, a new window opens to provide access to the device. Customers quickly see the desired vehicle’s location as well as a host of intelligence that monitors and assesses finance risks in real time.

For your industry-exclusive, All Access pass, make the switch to Advantage GPS!

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