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Smart Location – Instantly!

Advantage’s AI-powered Smart Location feature automatically provides you with a vehicle’s real-time logistics – past and current location, movement, connectivity, and more. It’s lightning fast and easier than ever to monitor your assets.

Just click on any vehicle and the Advantage platform instantaneously smart location finds and displays it in real-time coordinates.

A green icon paired with an animated time-counter clearly indicates device connection and smart vehicle location status. Current vehicle location and length of time at that location is also reported. If the vehicle is moving, you’ll see that as well. Should issues be detected, the animation turns red to indicate no connection has been made, and the system also provides possible reasons why to assist customers with troubleshooting. The last known location is provided along with a date stamp when the device last reported.

Now it’s easier than ever to monitor and manage your finance portfolio. Advantage’s smart platform provides you with real time vehicle information and smart location data every time you visit a vehicle page.


Real-Time Smart Vehicle Location

AI-powered Smart Location feature automatically provides you with a vehicle’s real-time logistics.

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Past & Current Location - Smart Locate - Advantage GPS

Past and Current
Location Intelligence

Vehicle In-Motion Intel - Smart Locate - Advantage GPS

Vehicle Motion

Device Connectivity - Smart Locate - Advantage GPS

Device Connectivity

How It Works

Vehicle Page - Smart Locate - Advantage GPS

Click on any vehicle

Smart Locate Feature - Action - Advantage GPS

Advantage platform searches for device
(could take up to :60)

Smart Locate Connected with Device - Advantage GPS

Once connection is established, the platform provides location address, time, if vehicle is moving, etc.

If connection cannot be made, the platform will provide last time reported, location and possible issues to trouble-shoot.