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GPS Data Protection

Frequently Asked Questions
There’s no question that connected technology has the potential to revolutionize the way you leverage your data. But with increased data connections comes higher risks. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re taking the time to ask your GPS technology provider the right questions. When looking at GPS solution providers, security and privacy should be at the top of the list.

Advantage GPS uses stringent security protocols to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our customers’ information. Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand our approach to keeping your data protected.

Where are your servers located?

Advantage GPS is hosted on a virtual private cloud (VPC) environment at Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS deliver services to more than one million active customers, including enterprises, educational institutions and government agencies in over 190 countries. Amazon cloud-based environments include a security assurance program that uses global privacy and data protection best practices. This security assurance program has been independently validated by multiple third-party independent assessments.

Are cloud-based servers secure?

The Advantage servers are run inside a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) as opposed to a public cloud to ensure maximum security. Inside a VPC, servers are restricted to communicating with each other than specific channels that are opened to the outside world.

Access to our private cloud is tightly guarded; we monitor and maintain public-facing virtual private cloud (VPC) web servers 24/7/365. What’s more, we’re constantly scanning our servers to detect any signs of intrusion.

How secure is my data with Advantage?

Data can be vulnerable if security is not continually updated and encrypted in real-time. Many big-name enterprises in fact are installing intricate and complex servers to do analytics, caching and other heavy tasks on the front-end of web servers without securing the back-end of network security. This leads to security breaches.

To address this, we only receive and transmit data via ultra-secure connections and we also leverage data encryption as a bastion for security incident response. Our applications are also password protected and are secured using “https” (hypertext transfer protocol) that encrypts web traffic.

When you partner with Advantage, you can be assured that your data is secure and protected.

Who manages your servers?

The Advantage team of seasoned IoT experts, who work around the clock, day in and day out, are dedicated to protecting our customers’ data and privacy. They are experienced security experts who have been trained in the latest security threats and tools for combating security and privacy intrusions.

As the automotive telematics pioneers, we bring decades of experience in building secure solutions our customers can use with confidence.

What security controls do you have in place to protect my data?

Advantage has adopted the highest cloud security standards and best practices in the industry to ensure our customer’s data is protected. We have a team of security experts who conduct regular internal audits of our processes and we make it a regular practice to patch all servers with the latest security updates. We also have high-level security tools that run intrusion detection scans on all our servers.

We use the Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire V3 (CAIQ) as our controls framework. CAIQ is used to outline our security capabilities to customers in a standardized way using the terms and descriptions considered to be a best practice by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). To learn more about CAIQ, click here.

To request a copy the Advantage CAIQ, please see your Advantage Rep. We will release a copy to you upon execution of our Non-Disclosure Agreement.

How often do you monitor the performance of your systems?

We monitor our systems 24/7/365. We use tools specifically designed to notify us of threshold breaches (e.g. servers running above a specified utilization, disk usage etc.). Our team manually analyzes and reviews the platform’s performance weekly to stay ahead of potential issues, ensure we are delivering optimal service and to plan for growth.

How do you ensure service availability?

Advantage was developed by the original pioneers in automotive telematics, Procon Analytics. GPS technology and IoT is in our DNA. The Advantage solution is our next-level risk mitigation application built from the ground up. The platform is made up of the latest databases, web servers and evolutionary new Evo hardware connected and secured by strategically located top-tier data centers.

Inside of our VPC, wherever possible, we have redundant servers in separate availability zones to eliminate exposure to single points of failure both on our servers and on the AWS infrastructure.

This dedicated, ultra-secured environment built with the latest technology ensures higher availability and faster delivery of service for all Advantage customers.

Do you have a disaster relief plan?

If for any reason one of our data center goes down, we have a geographically remote replica of that center that will take over the service to continue seamless service availability for customers.

What do you do with my historical data?

We know how important instant access to real-time information is, but so is access to historical data at times too. Our platform is designed to collect and securely store massive amounts of data. Just let us know, if you need access to historical analytics.

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You can be confident that your data is safe and secure with Advantage GPS by Procon Analytics. We invested in a private cloud environment and built our platform from the ground-up to not only give you an evolutionary new risk mitigation solution, but to also ensure that you get the highest level of service availability and security.

If you have more questions or would like to request a copy of our Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire V3 (CAIQ), please talk to your Advantage Representative.