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Smart Risk Notifications

Receive Risk Warnings – Instantly!

Proactive Risk Notifications

Get smart notifications sent to your phone. Advantage’s smart platform provides real-time vehicle information and proactively sends notifications of high-risk situations to mitigate and prevent losses.

Our smart notifications automatically arms you with actionable data insights where ever you are. The platform sends customizable alerts for when your collateral enters an impound yard, the vehicle’s battery has a low charge or when potential ride sharing is detected and more. Users can effortlessly set up geofences and be notified instantly when a vehicle enters or exists a pre-set area or crosses state lines.

Our user-friendly desktop dashboard and our mobile app proactively provides users with notifications of high-risk factors that must reviewed. Important factors such as device health, status of assets in vehicle recovery mode, and potential vehicle abandonment are sent the user. Knowledge is money.

Manage Risks by Exception

Smart Notification Technology

Install Issues - Alerts - Advantage GPS

Install Issues

Sends alerts for GPS device install or connection issues

Battery Alerts - Advantage GPS

Low Car Battery Alerts

Monitors vehicle’s car battery life

Abandoned Vehicle & Impound Alerts - Advantage GPS

Vehicle Alert

Warns of vehicle abandonment or impound risks 

Tamper Alerts

Sends notifications whenever a device get removed or is tampered with

Geofence Violations - Advantage GPS

Geofence Violations

Warns you when a vehicle enters and|or exists a geo area

Last Time Reported - Alerts - Advantage GPS

Last Reported

Get an instant update for a vehicle’s latest location

Excessive Mileage

Warns of potential ride sharing

Renewal Alerts

Sends subscription renewal notices 

We Have Your Back!

Notifications Your Way

Advantage does the heavy lifting for you so you can make decision faster, more profitable business decisions.

Plus, you can be notified multiple ways:

Email Alerts & Dashboard Data to Your Email - Advantage GPS
Mobile Alerts - Advantage GPS
Modern Analytics - Proactive Alerts - Advantage GPS

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