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The Advantage platform is your key to mitigating risks and maximizing your profits. We leverage the most cutting-edge telematics software technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to meticulously analyze and group high-risk factors into easy-to-understand risk categories. These categories are the building blocks of our interactive analytical dashboard, which provides you with valuable insights at a glance. With the Advantage platform, you can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.

Dashboard with Integrated Artificial Intelligence Technology

Automotive Analytics Dashboard - Advantage GPS

The interactive dashboard with built-in artificial intelligence groups your vehicles by risk categories and provides full drill down capabilities to help isolate potential high risks for faster risk mitigation.

It delivers powerful automotive analytics so you can assess risk quickly:

  • Device Health
  • Warnings
  • Recovery Status
  • Violations
  • Last Reported 30-Day History
  • Usage
  • Device Status
  • Manage Renewals

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Smart Recovery Tool & Workflow

Monitoring high-risk loans is easy with Advantage’s Recovery Dashboard.

Recovery Workflow - Automotive Analytics Dashboard - Advantage GPS

  • Number of vehicles assigned to recovery specialists
  • Number of vehicles with payment reminders on
  • Number of vehicles with starters disabled
  • Number of devices that have been potentially tampered with

What’s more, it only takes 2 clicks to assign an account for recovery! If you’re looking for a certified, compliant recovery specialist, we have you covered there too. We have partnered with the American Recovery Association (ARA), the world’s largest association of recovery and remarketing professionals. Just click on Find a Recovery Specialist and you’ll have access to a full database of professional, certified agents!

All Access

Access your entire GPS device portfolio regardless of brand or provider!

All Access - Unified Tracking - Advantage

Our patent-pending All Access feature allows you to retrieve, view and easily manage every GPS device, any brand or provider, from within the Advantage GPS Dashboard. No need to visit multiple URLs or log in and out of multiple systems. It’s everything you need, all in one place.

On-Demand Vehicle Location

On-Demand Vehicle Location - Advantage GPS

Locate any vehicle on demand instantly. Just click on the find now button and address, date, time and map location will display.

Recent Events Viewing

For 500+ assets, map filter shows 100 most recent vehicles to report location/movement/data.

Software Filtering - Advantage GPS

For all users, “Last Report” column in vehicles list shows timestamps for the most recent event of every vehicle.

GPS Device Last Reported - Advantage GPS

Smart Search

Enter search terms like VIN, Ref# and serial and the app automatically displays refined results. Then click on the vehicle to instantly see its location on the map and description.

Smart Search Tool & Filters - Advantage GPS


Smart Impound Alerts

Smart Impound Lot Feature - Advantage GPS

Advantage automatically sets geofences around impound lots in your area for you. Our database of impound yards grows bigger everyday!

Manage Subscriptions Online

Dashboard Renewals - Advantage GPS

Manage your airtime subscriptions right online. The Advantage dashboard notifies you in advance when a renewal is coming up and more importantly, when a renewal is past due.

Real-Time Updates

Real Time Tracking - Evo GPS - Advantage GPS

Instantly locate your assets using any mobile device:

  • Breadcrumbs of the last (5) 2-minute locates of moving vehicles
  • Rapid repo portal for fast action
  • Continuous data collection even when there’s no connectivity – reports info upon next connection
  • Intelligent dashboard instantly updates you on recovery status

Mobile App

Mobile App - Advantage GPS

Download the Advantage GPS mobile app to monitor and manage your assets on the go!

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