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Analytical Dashboard Using AI

The Dashboard with Built-In AI & Full Drill-Down Capabilities

Whether you’re a dealer or lender, using a GPS tracking system to monitor and secure vehicle assets shouldn’t require an engineering degree. We know that you don’t have all day to spend clicking through a complicated user interface just to see what’s going on with your collateral. You need to get in, get out and get on with closing deals. And that’s what the Advantage risk assessment dashboard delivers.

It starts with our Evo™ 4G LTE tracking device which collects data from your vehicle assets and connects to our cloud-based, next generation software. Using built-in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the system recognizes the various data types, groups them into risk categories and displays this actionable business intelligence in real-time via the intuitive dashboard.

You can then drill-down into the data and proactively respond to risks before they affect your bottom line. It’s hands-down the most effective way to manage your vehicle portfolio. Let’s take a closer look at the dashboard and all the information you’ll have at your fingertips the moment you log into the system.

Real-Time Analytical Dashboard - Advantage GPS

Device Health – Receive alerts for specific events so that you can bring vehicles in and take care of any issues, including the car battery – a service even customers appreciate.

  • Recent Disconnects – Devices removed in the last 24 hours
  • Total Disconnects – Disconnected devices
  • Install Issue – Multiple power-ups from a device
  • Low Battery – Vehicle battery voltage below 11.8 volts

Warnings – Derelict or impounded assets can cost you big money. Alerts protect you from racking up lot fees and allow you to recover an abandoned vehicle before it’s damaged or stolen.

  • Abandoned – Vehicles stationary for 7+ days
  • Impounded – Vehicles entering impound lots

Recovery – Whether attempting to collect a payment or recovering a vehicle, you’ll know where you are in the process and if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

  • On Repo – Vehicle assigned to recovery agents for repossession
  • Reminder On – Vehicles with payment reminders enabled
  • Starter Disable – Vehicles with starters disabled
  • Potential Tamper – Possibly tampered with devices after a disable

Violations – While geofences around 17,000+ impound lots are come built into the system, you can also set up your own boundaries and keep tabs on vehicles going in or out.

  • Inside Geofences – Vehicles entering a geofence
  • Outside Geofences – Vehicles exiting a geofence

Last Reported – If there are any connection issues or more importantly tampering, whether minor or severe, you’ll know right away if you need to contact a customer or send out a recovery agent.

  • Good – Devices reporting in past 36 hours
  • Warning – Devices reporting after 36 hours but less than 7 days
  • Critical – Devices that have not reported in 7+ days

Usage – This feature identifies vehicles being driven excessively, causing a rapid depreciation in value. It will help you better prepare for reconditioning costs.

  • Under 2,000 mi – Vehicles that traveled < 2k mi in 30 days
  • 2,000 – 3,000 mi – Vehicles that have traveled between 2k – 3k miles in 30 days
  • Over 3,000 mi – Vehicles that have traveled 3+ k miles in 30 days

Device Status – Knowing what you have and your typical usage enables you to keep proper inventory instead of having to ask a customer to bring an asset back to you for install.

  • Inventory – Devices in stock, not installed
  • On Lot – Devices installed in vehicles on the lot
  • Sold – Devices in vehicles that have been delivered/sold

Custom Alerts – Set global or device level notifications via text or email for device disconnects, low power, impounds, potential tamper and geofence violations. Whatever works best for you.

As you can see, Advantage GPS enables you to identify and mitigate risks quickly and easily. You’re able to move nimbly and more profitably. If there’s ever an issue with a vehicle asset or device, you can be proactive instead of reactive. That means you can go deeper into subprime with absolute confidence.

To learn more about Advantage GPS, please contact us for a free test drive 1-800-553-7031.

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