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SmartStop 3.0 Real-Time Wireless GPS

The Revo SmartStop is the perfect tool for finance professionals looking to protect their highvalue investments and minimize risks. This selfpowered device continuously tracks and records the location of a moving vehicle‘s stop events in realtime, making it a reliable and costeffective way to secure your assets. Customers have the choice of SmartStop 3000 or 5000, with the latter offering 60% more data capture capacity. Both models offer extended battery life and no installation fees, meaning you can rest easy knowing your investments are safe.

Plus, SmartStop includes our Turbo Track feature that accelerates recoveries. SmartStop is the perfect wireless device when you need to keep eyes on your collateral.

Revo 3.0 - SmartStop Product Page - Advantage Automotive Analytics

What’s New?

Revo 3 - Smarter - Advantage Automotive Analytics

Enhanced Battery Intelligence

Revo 3 Smaller - Advantage Automotive Analytics

Sleeker, More Compact Size

Revo 3 Water Resistant - Advantage Automotive Analytics

IP67 Water and Dust Resistant

Activation is a Snap - Advantage Automotive Analytics

Easier Activation Process


Revo 2.0 - Wireless GPS Tracking - Advantage GPS

Next Gen 3.0
Wireless Tracking

AI Predictive Analytics - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS


Interactive Dashboard - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Interactive Risk

STIP Verifications - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS


Geofences - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Custom Geofences
& Landmarks

Tamper Alerts - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS


Drive Reports - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS


Monitors Stop Events - Advantage GPS

Real-Time: Reports
All Stop Events

Rapid Repo Tools - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Rapid Repo

Database of Repo Agents - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

National List of
Certified Repo Agents

Turbo Track - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Turbo Track

Smart Power Management - Revo 2.0 - Advantage GPS

Smart Power

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