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Advantage GPS by Procon Analytics Helps Auto Lenders to Centrally Manage All GPS Devices Across Their Risk Mitigation Portfolio

Company introduces the new Advantage GPS “All Access” feature that allows auto lenders to view and access all GPS devices in their business portfolio via Advantage GPS, regardless of the GPS system provider.

Irvine, CA – April 10, 2018 – Automotive lenders today are seeking to adopt more advanced and scalable GPS systems for risk mitigation, though this brings the inefficient process of managing both new GPS systems plus old devices that use legacy embedded technology. Today, Advantage GPS, a Procon Analytics company that captures and translates raw data into actionable business intelligence, introduced its latest platform addition, a patent-pending All Access feature, that eliminates this issue. All Access allows auto lenders to view and access all GPS devices in their business portfolio via the Advantage GPS application, regardless of the GPS system provider.

Currently, it is very cumbersome for lenders to manage devices from two or more GPS providers. While trying to avoid the hassle of learning yet another system or remembering more passwords, many auto lenders remain tethered to old GPS providers who are no longer innovating and continue to use outdated technology riddled with issues.

The new patent-pending All Access feature by Advantage GPS overcomes these barriers to advancement. All Access allows auto lenders to embrace their GPS system of choice by helping them seamlessly manage all of the GPS devices across multiple providers in their risk mitigation portfolio. And, auto lenders now have more flexibility, more convenience and more control over their device management process.

“In a world of multiple apps and passwords, our new patent-pending All Access feature brings unprecedented convenience to customers using GPS tracking technology to manage their high-risk auto loans,” said David Meyer, COO of Procon Analytics. “All Access allows customers to take advantage of the latest innovations available in our proprietary Artificial Intelligence-infused dashboard and 4G LTE platform, while simultaneously managing their entire device portfolio–regardless of brand. There’s only one destination for auto lenders to remember now when managing risks. It’s Advantage GPS.”

With patent-pending All Access, auto lenders can view vital information for all GPS provider accounts, including borrower name, address, year, make and model of vehicle purchased, VIN and serial number of devices. All Access also allows auto lenders to seamlessly navigate into any vehicle record, on the fly, from the Advantage GPS application view.

“This latest feature, just like everything else we do, is about listening to customers and being nimble to solve their problems with our scalable platform that is not limited or stagnated by old technology,” said Meyer, “Innovation and service is what customers get when they partner with Procon Analytics, the innovators in automotive telematics.”

Serving nearly 500 automotive lenders with over 300,000+ connections, the intelligent Advantage GPS platform utilizes the most innovative, connected and AI-infused technology to deliver real-time analytics upon login and the latest groundbreaking All Access feature. Advantage GPS is constantly evolving based on the automotive finance industry’s needs, technological advances, and economic drivers and legislative trends.

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Advantage GPS by Procon Analytics provides GPS technology and innovative data analytics that empower BHPH dealers and vehicle finance companies to make smarter, faster and more profitable business decisions. The company’s seasoned leadership team has been revolutionizing risk mitigation tools and real-time automotive analytics to help lenders protect vehicle assets, reduce delinquencies and speed up recoveries when needed for over a decade.

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Procon Analytics, a global leader in automotive telematics, is dedicated to bringing better, more efficient and value-driven connected car features – along with next-generation channel management processes – to US automotive retailers. As implied by its name, Procon Analytics combines a new database architecture with advances in big data analytics to run a powerful engine that converts information gathered by IoT sensors into critical business intelligence for the global automotive industry. Procon Analytics currently operates in the US, Canada and Latin America, with a focus on creating big data solutions for the automotive industry.

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