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Log Into Full Device Portfolio - Regardless of Brand - Advantage GPS

Access All GPS Devices Here

Maybe you already have a GPS provider. Perhaps, a couple or even a few. When it’s time to check in on your devices, you’re forced to type in multiple URLs, log in and out of multiple systems, and waste a ton of time that could be spent on more important aspects of your business –...
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Unlock the Power of All Access - Advantage GPS

All Access – One Destination

Advantage GPS by Procon Analytics Helps Auto Lenders to Centrally Manage All GPS Devices Across Their Risk Mitigation Portfolio Company introduces the new Advantage GPS “All Access” feature that allows auto lenders to view and access all GPS devices in their business portfolio via Advantage GPS, regardless of the GPS system provider. Irvine, CA –...
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Tamper Proof Device - Advantage GPS

Tamper-Proof Device

Is Your GPS Device Tamper Proof? It’s a question we get often and for good reason. If your current GPS provider can’t give you real-time alerts for devices that have been improperly installed or potentially tampered with, then you’re being exposed to risk. At Advantage GPS, we built our solution from the ground up, enabling...
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No More Locate Buttons - Advantage GPS

Forget the Locate Button

Are You Still Pushing a Button? When it comes to your vehicle locates, pushing a big red button is often touted by other GPS companies as a benefit. But that requires manual intervention and maybe even an extra charge on your bill. Here at Advantage GPS, we believe locates should be automatic. Most importantly, they...
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ai-infused analytical dashboard - Advantage GPS

Analytical Dashboard Using AI

The Dashboard with Built-In AI & Full Drill-Down Capabilities Whether you’re a dealer or lender, using a GPS tracking system to monitor and secure vehicle assets shouldn’t require an engineering degree. We know that you don’t have all day to spend clicking through a complicated user interface just to see what’s going on with your...
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Data Mining - Blog - Advantage GPS

Mining Big Data

Before you can call something a trend, establish a pattern or make an accurate estimation, you need to first gather a lot of information. Otherwise, you might as well call it a wild guess. These days, thanks to technology, companies are able to gather massive amounts of data which can then be analyzed to make...
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