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Debt Collection Improvement Act

The House of Representatives May 13 passed the Comprehensive Debt Collection Improvement Act (H.R. 2547) by a vote of 215-207. The bill would expand the definition of a “debt collector” and increase risks to lenders.
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Alerts and Notifications - Advantage Automotive Analytics

Proactive Risk Avoidance

Modern analytics arm finance professionals with access to high-risk indicators, in real time. This must-have information identifies important triggers and proactively sends notifications of high-risk events.
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Predictive Analytics - Future Funding & Protection - Advantage Automotive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Automotive analytics solutions now support forward-looking risk management to more accurately measure lenders’ risk exposure. These AI solutions with predictive analytics can assist lenders improve forecasting, optimize performance, reduce portfolio risks, and ultimately increase net profit.
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AI Technology - Modern Automotive Analytics - Advantage GPS

AI Technology – Transforming Auto Finance

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the automotive asset finance industry, and now it has become a standard in the deep subprime and BHPH marketplace. Finance professionals can allow machine learning to assist with underwriting, collections, and service maintenance to maximize portfolio performance.
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The art and science of risk mitigation - Advantage GPS

The Art and Science of Risk Mitigation

Sound finance portfolio management is an art and science. Finance professionals use proven policies and procedures, GPS technology, the data it gathers, and their people to positively impact auto loan risk management.
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The Women Behind - Advantage Automotive Analytics

The Advantage #WIA

We have made gender diversity at Advantage Automotive Analytics a priority, and we’re pleased to have the best women in the automotive industry now in key leadership positions. They have been charged with creating value for our company by providing world-class products and services for our clients.
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